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Advanced PDF to HTML converter main window.
The program is very easy to use.
All you need to do is to choose the PDF documents you intend to convert and modify the program settings according to your preferences. After that you just need to click the Start conversion button.

You may leave the default settings. However, you may want to modify them to adjust some HTML parameters in order to make them more suitable for your site design.

There are 3 groups of the program settings:

Try before you buy
Still not sure the program fits your needs? Try free demo version with limited features. Test the quality of the demo and come back to place an order if satisfied with the results. Click here to download trial version of PDF to HTML converter.

For online purchasing select the desired software package in the table below and click the corresponding ORDER NOW link. To learn about alternative payment options please visit our Ordering Page.

PDF to HTML converter
order single product
Two Products Bundle
order PDF to HTML + PDF to TEXT (Save $9 -10%)
Two Products Bundle
order PDF to HTML + PDF to JPEG (Save $10-10%)
Three Products Bundle
order PDF to HTML + PDF to TEXT + PDF to JPEG (Save $28-20%)
$111.88ORDER NOW

In addition to the instant download version, you can order a CD for an additional charge of $9.95 (Includes Free Shipping). For it, when filling in the online order form, please choose the option "CD on Demand". As a bonus, you get free upgrades for one full year!

The trial version is fully functional for a period of 14 days. A message 'Created with demo version' is inserted into some portions of the document and all images are marked with the word 'DEMO'.

Convert PDF to HTML
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Files and folders Security. Passwords for protected PDF files Raster images Vector drawings HTML page sizing and coloring HTML page frames and navigation panes Open HTML file after conversion Open target folder after conversion Start conversion Help contents About PDF to HTML converter
"Files and Folders" option's page allows to select PDF files for conversion and set up directory where converted files will be stored.
"Security" option's page allows to set up master's and user's passwords to convert password-protected PDF documents.
"Raster Images" option's page allows to set up how images will be stored, define image file format and compression level.
"Vector Drawings" option's page allows to ignore vector drawings or render text to image for best-looking HTML page.
"Page sizing and coloring" option's page allows to set up numerous parameters for HTML pages, e.i. fonts and colors, zoom level and background color and so on.
"Frames and navigation" option's page allows to define the frame structure of converted document and how navigation element will be displayed.
Check this option to display resulting HTML after conversion.
Check this option to open target directory with resulting HTML pages after conversion.
Click this button to start conversion.
Click this button to show the Help info.
About the Advanced PDF to HTML converter.