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We market products to aid with document management. We also have a research department that works to develop products to enhance our computer based document management systems. Other areas of expertise include: fuzzy logic, document analysis, information retrieval and database technologies as they relates to document management. Our programmers are experienced in a variety of programming languages and dedicated to the creation of high quality software that our growing number of customers rely on.

PDF related software components have been developed by our company since 1998 and are currently being utilized in a large number of our customers projects. We have gained vast experience in PDF technology, particularly in the domain of document publishing and analysis. We offer off-the-shelf tools and libraries, along with custom extensions and individual consulting services that may be needed for your particular application.

The company develops and markets end-user conversion software as prepackaged products. It also customizes and licenses this software technology to other software developers and equipment manufacturers.

Now we have users around the globe, ranging from major corporations, government agencies, universities, colleges and, of course, individuals. Our PDF conversion technology is also embedded in many quality products from other developers and manufacturers worldwide.

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